goodbye august | goodbye summer

before i know it, it’s already the end of august. and it seems, in tokyo, fall has peeped in and given us a sneak peak of the season to come! that said, with all the work going on, my blog was on a little bit of a summer break. so much creativity and major projects happened within the last few weeks, i wish i could tell y’all ALLLL about it!! but that would be a lot of telling, so i’ll start off with showing a couple of things today.


[[ i added a couple photos of this year’s summer memories! ENJOY! / 今年の夏の思い出の写真と共にご覧ください〜⭐︎ ]]


last week, my cousin got married in the states. unfortunately, i couldn’t be there, but i made sure to have a part of me present for the wedding (no, no body parts). i was able to gather some information from his sister about their theme and colors. some key words were: succulents, coral, natural.


[ the card ] added some “succulent” illustration to a congratulations card.
[ カード ] 多肉植物をメインにしたイラストをコングラチュレーション カードに加えました。

photo credit: my cousin (sister of the groom)
[ the gift ] upcycled wood wedding board with custom name and date.
i was able to find a place that could laser print my design into the wood. after using it for the wedding reception, it can have a place in their new home together!
[ プレゼント ] 廃材になる木材にレーザー印刷でデザインしたネームと日付を印刷してもらいました。

summer sunset

g o o d b y e  s u m m e r