[fashion trend study] S/S 2009

it’s been almost A YEAR since my last fashion trend study (*gasp*)!! i have a whole stack of old magazines pages, waiting to be collaged and studied! today, is about 2009 spring/summer.

[ S/S 2009 ]

– what happened in 2009 / 2009年のファッション出来事 –
michelle obama and the one-shoulder dress / ミシェル・オバマとワンショルダー・ドレス
yellows & golds / 黄色とゴールド
exotic bohemian cont’d / 前シーズンから引き続きエキゾチックボヘミアン
dresses / ワンピース
color blocking / カラーブロック
shoulder accents / アクセントショルダー
pops of color / カラー・ポップ
big accessories / デカめアクセサリー
geometric folds & pleats / 幾何学プリーツ
harem & skinny ankle pants / ハーレムパンツ & 足首細めパンツ
old school denim (dyed & damaged) / レトロなデニムディテール (クラッシュや染めなど)
watercolor florals / 水彩画フローラル
bows / リボン

one of the biggest trends of 2009 spring/summer, was the one-shoulder dress. a major highlight would be then first lady, michelle obama’s inauguration ball dress, designed by jason wu. also, dresses became a staple in the wardrobe, layering them over leggings, pants, or on their own–in a sense, an expression of the continued bohemian trend from the winter. i have a lasting impression of origami folded details in skirts and dresses. and my number one favorite, that i still consider a staple of my own, is the harem/carrot top pant with skinny ankles.


(left to right):
one shoulder
geometric pleats + watercolor floral
bohemian / tribal layers + tiered dress + retro denim harem pants
shoulder accents + exotic brooches + tunic + carrot top pants
bold & bright pops of color + bulky accessories

[fashion trend study] A/W 2008-09

this month, my fashion trend study is for 2008-09 autumn / winter. this year had some of my favorit-est style trends (moto jackets, boho, mannish, sculptured shapes…. all of them!)!
今月のトレンドスタディーは2008−09年の秋冬です。見返すと、私好みのスタイルがまとまっていたシーズンに感じました⭐︎ ライダースジャケットやボヘミアン、マニッシュ、立体性のある洋服。。。って、全部のトレンドです;;

[ A/W 2008-09 ]

– what happened in 2007 / 2007年のファッション出来事 –
folklorian bohemian / フォークロアボヘミアン
military jackets / ミリタリージャケット
plaids, tartans, checks / タータンチェック、プラッド格子柄
leather (reptile, fringes, pony) / レザー(クロコ類、フリンジ、ハラコ)
statement items / ワンポイントアイテム
sculptured coats / 立体的なコート
seductive fabrics / 魅惑的な生地
mannish / マニッシュ
fake glasses and straight bangs were THE THING in tokyo! / だて眼鏡&パッツン前髪が東京の大流行!

unlike the trend-mix looks of the last year, in this season, single outfits seemed to stay true to one major trend. folklore-boho looks were a major trend, all thanks to gucci’s collection. while sculptured, structured outerwear stood out with louis vuitton and yves saint laurent. statement items added the finishing touch to complete a look–in the form of stand out blouses, bulky jewelry, sharp shouldered coats, and fully beaded/sequined tunics.


folklore bohemian | STRUCTURED

[folklore bohemian (from top clockwise)]
gucci, jean paul gaultier, jamin puech
yves saint laurent, limi feu, louis vuitton

leather | shiny | reptile | lace

[leather] (bottom left quarter)
louis vuitton | hermes scarf & hat, green jacket & sweater
[shiny] (top left and center)
swarovski (eye) | barbara bui
[reptile] (top right)
barbara bui bag
[lace] (bottom right)

[creema] denim + wool + knit upcycled clutch bag [SOLD OUT]


my most recent handmade item, is this upcycled clutch bag! there are only two in this world and i am so proud of them (only one will be sold)!! there’s a little story behind them that i want to share with you today 🙂


i teach english on the weekend, and one of my students and i talk about the importance of making clothes last (or rather he made me realize so: see my 2016 resolutions!). he tells me how he wears his clothes until they are worn thin and even then, he uses them as rags before tossing them. (side note: in japanese history, when materials and food were scarce, kimonos were used the same way: resized to fit children, upcycled into handbags or accessories, and eventually used as rags.) except, until this sweater–100% alpaca wool and made in ireland, it was the best quality–whose wool made him itchy and was unwearable. he told me that he had thrown this sweater away! i asked him immediately if it was still salvageable and fortunately it came into my hands.

after fashion college, i used to work for an italian clothing brand, where i was allowed to take home unneeded denim from pant alterations. i decided to combine this and the sweater to make clutch bags. two more things were needed though… instinctively i knew that pinstriped wool would be spectacular with it PLUS an “a-ha” moment led me to hand-weave a lemon yellow friendship bracelet specifically for the bag.





i added these super cute floral pin badges from the POOL AOYAMA (which closes tomorrow, march 21st, 2016 *GASP*) and “OMG” light-bulb brooch from niko and…. / 私のには、the POOL AOYAMA(明日、2016年3月21日閉店なんですー T^T)のピンバッジとniko and…の『OMG』電球バッジをつけて、ポップにしました。

the lemon yellow and silver friendship bracelet, lightens up the otherwise dark clutch, so it’s usable in the spring. denim and knit goes well with casual looks, while pinstripes go with cleaner minimal outfits. / レモンイエローとシルバーのミサンガでダークめのクラッチバッグが一気に明るくなるので、春使用でも全然使えます!また、デニム+ニットでカジュアルに、ピンストライプでキレイめにと様々なコーディネートで活躍するワンポイントになります。

in this illustration (by yours truly) / イラスト内のアイテム(私作です♥) :
short sleeved shirt / 半袖シャツ :
Acne Studios ready-to-wear SS16 “Morag pop white”
rusty orange skirt / パンプキンスカート :
mid-heel leather shoes / ミディアムヒールレザーシューズ :

in this outfit / このコーディネートのアイテム :
shirt blouse / シャツブラウス :
olive green gathered skirt / カーキギャザースカート:
slick mist shimokitazawa


come visit me in my CREEMA shop! peace . love . tokyo

SOLD OUT upcycled clutch!

CREEMA ショップをご覧ください!peace . love . tokyo

販売済み リメイククラッチバッグ!

h a v e  a  n i c e  d a y  / /  良 い 一 日 を

[fashion trend study] A/W 2007-08

it’s been nearly a month since my last post… and it’s nearly the end of february! i have tons of projects i’ve been starting, which i hope to share with you soon enough! meanwhile, here’s my fashion trend study for 2007-08 autumn / winter!

最後の更新から約1ヶ月が経ってしまいました!もう2月末!たくさんの新プロジェクトを計画している最中で、近々ご紹介したいです⭐︎ それはさておき、今日は2007−08年のトレンドスタディーをご紹介します。

[ A/W 2007-08 ]

– what happened in 2007 / 2007年のファッション出来事 –
the cat eye / キャットアイメイク
patent leather / パテントレザー
black on black outfits / ブラック・オン・ブラック コーディネート
biker rocker chic / ロッカーシック
40’s glamour / 40年代グラマー
nomad / 遊牧
stand alone coats / ワンポイントコート
the first michelin guide tokyo happened! / ミシュランガイド東京版が初めて発売された。

overall, there were a lot of contrasts within a look. for example, country + town (i.e. equestrian style boots combined with modern and clean styles), military + elegance (i.e. epaulet accessories or berets combined with fit and frilled blouses + tight pencil skirts), voluminous puffers in lady-like looks (quilted capelets), and black on black on black VS any kind of PURPLE & bold, beautiful, stand out jewel tones.


black on black | BOLD

[black on black (from left clockwise)]
donna karan, philip treacy for donna karan, burberry x3, aquascutum
chloe, louis vuitton, alexander mcqueen

country | equestrian | skirt suit | military | distinguished elegance | standalone + voluminous coats

[country | equestrian]
gucci x2
[skirt suit]
miu miu
ralph lauren
[distinguished elegance]
[standalone coat]
(a-line or trapeze coats)
calvin klein
[standalone coat]
(voluminous or cocoon coats)
emanuel ungaro

[fashion trend study] S/S 2007 (colors)

in continuation of my last fashion trend study from last year (which i haven’t been able to keep up… but plan to do at least once a month this year! <- i said it!), today i am talking about the colors (makeup in particular) of 2007 spring/summer. 今日は、昨年始めたファッショントレンドスタディーの続きを(今年こそ、毎月1度はトレンドスタディーをします!!←断言しました!)!前回の2007年春夏の続きですが、今回はランウェイのコスメカラーについてお話しします。

for this season, the main cosmetic colors used on the runway were:
bright orange/red / 鮮やかなオレンジやレッド
pink / ピンク
silver / シルバー
gold / ゴールド
blue (turquoise) / ブルー(主にターコイズ)



although i didn’t have space for the blue, there were many combinations incorporating blue, like turquoise & gold or blue & red. the bright orange, red, and vermillion hues were found in many bold lady-like looks and athletic, sporty styles. on the other hand, pink was used generally in the romantic trend. as for gold and silver, they were of course used often for the metallic looks. what was fresh and sweet were the gold and pink combinations for romantic makeup looks.

in addition to the colors, working on this collage reminded me of the slew of new models and their iconic doll-like faces that i fell in love with. some of them include:
lily cole / リリー・コール
jessica stam / ジェシカ・スタム
gemma ward / ジェマ・ワード
agyness deyn / アギネス・ディーン
doutzen kroes / ドウツェン・クロース

[fashion trend study] S/S 2007

one of my 2015 new year resolutions is to go through all of my old magazines and do a trend study project. well the project itself was thought up from before… but i wanted to put it into action this year. it took me half the year, but here is the first one of the series!


the reason i thought of this project is when i was going through my old collages i made in fashion school. i loved cutting, pasting, laying out glossy magazines with colored paper and markers. now that i think about it, it might be the one and only vice that really helps to get my creative juices flowing. at the moment, it’s just the perfect time of need. no matter how late at night (or morning..) i feel like i can go on forever working on these.


[ S/S 2007 ]

– what happened in 2007 / 2007年のファッション出来事 –
red lips / 赤リップ
high-waisted jeans / ハイウエストデニム
leggings / レギンス
clutch bags / クラッチバッグ
ankle boots / くるぶし丈ブーツ(ブーティ)
flagship stores for Giorgio Armani and Bulgari opened in Ginza, Tokyo

haute athletic | metallic | futuristic
オート・アスレティック | メタリック | 未来的

[haute athletic (from upper left clockwise)]
jonathan saunders x2, preen, donna karan, calvin klein x2
[metallic & futuristic]
chanel, lanvin, balenciaga, lanvin, balenciaga, ralph lauren, zac posen, giorgio armani x2

romantic | bright colors | lady like
ロマンティック | 鮮やかな色彩 | レディー

valentino, yves saint laurent, donna karan, valentino, vera wang
[bright colors]
jean paul gaultier x2, vera wang, christopher kane x2, roberto cavalli, calvin klein, lanvin, jean paul gaultier
[lady like]
zac posen, louis vuitton, hussein chalayan, jean paul gaultier, valentino, alexander mcqueen, louis vuitton, valentino