handwritten spice jar labels

this past month has been quite a hassle! i had some sort of stomach flu combined with a cold, that led to sinusitis… after 3 weeks in bed, i’ve slowly tried to come back to my daily routine. rolling around in bed so long had me restless and got me into an organization frenzy! which brings me to today’s topic: handwritten spice jar labels.

この1ヶ月間、大変でしたー  風邪と感染性腸炎のダブルパンチで3週間も寝込んでしまい、やっといつもの生活習慣を取り戻しつつありそうです。そんな何もできずにゴロゴロしてる日々が続き、治ってきたら家のいたるところを整理整頓したくなってしまいました。そこで、今日の本題に入りまーす:手書きラベルのスパイス入れ。


during my visit to santorini, i had bought some wonderful herb and spice mixes, which i had been wanting to find the perfect spice jars for. after much brainstorming and contemplation (of whether to buy a label printer or which jars to buy), i decided to go analog and handwrite labels to put on these jars from the 100 yen shop (seria probably has the bestest trendiest selection!).


i had A4 size printable adhesive label sheets (the kind that isn’t pre-cut) leftover from a past wedding project. these are great for handwriting or printing any size stickers up to A4, and you have the freedom to create any shape (as long as you’re willing to cut them yourself!). not to mention, the grid lines show through a little bit, helping out with measuring out multiple labels.



handletter. cut. stick. / 作って、切って、貼って。


i felt SO accomplished afterward!! WOOHOOO!