graphic / グラフィック

2018 winter holiday handmade greeting cards

after a whirlwind of a year, christmas night is almost through, and the new year just ahead. this year’s holiday season greeting cards were a simple dedication to my tokyo life.


m a r u n o u c h i ,  t o k y  o  |  j a n u a r y  2 0 1 8

the inspiration came from this photo i took in marunouchi, this past january. which reminds me of when i lived in wall street, nyc.

. . . . .

handcut tree window

gold and white spray paint

…from tokyo…

H A P P Y  H O L I D A Y S ! !

happy 2018!

2017 did me well. it was a rough year, but a much needed time to realize what i am capable of and what is pushing it.

now it’s 2018 and i am ready to take on all the artwork my mind can produce! simply put, my resolution is to J U S T  C R E A T E.

what are your goals for the coming year?

whatever they are, follow your heart, your soul, and believe in yourself, trust your instincts. may you all have a fulfilling year for both body and mind.

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R ! !

p.s. the main photo of this post is of my nengajou for this year! all lettering and graphics by me. (still practicing chalkboard lettering in 2nd photo!)

handmade greeting cards for 2017 holiday season!

december is already halfway through! the past couple months has flown by faster than light years! exaggerating? yes, but really… i still had to squeeze in this batch of handmade holiday cards for friends and fam. once an idea comes to mind, i just must. do. it. here, i share the process!


. . . . .

i started off by creating the layout on adobe illustrator

handcut letters

these transparent origami sheets are from daiso.  i’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use them! instead of using traditional christmas colors, i wanted to go with a “holiday neutral” color scheme. a bit of 90’s and a bit of neon and every bit pop!

after covering the backside of the transparent sheets, i wrote in the “holidays”. i’ve been practicing my lettering, and these are the perfect opportunities to put them to use!
friends and family won’t judge 😉
おりがみの裏面をカバーし、手書きで 『holidays』 を入れました。最近レタリングに力を入れていて、家族や友人に贈るカードであれば、プレッシャーなく実践できます ^_^;

i switched the string to this glitter thread i found at another 100yen shop!

v o i l a !

H A P P Y  H O L I D A Y S ! !

2017 illustrated calendar

it’s been ages since i’ve posted anything!! i will one day update you all with the projects i’ve been a part of! / 最後の投稿からかなり時間が経ってしまいました m(_ _ )m 落ち着いたら、なぜ忙しかったかまた報告しま〜す!

in the meantime… for a very limited time (until the end of november 2016 to be exact), i have been selling these 2017 illustrated calendars on my etsy and creema shops!
ただいま、期間限定(2016年11月いっぱい!)で2017年のイラストカレンダーを etsycreema にて販売しております!

if you follow me on instagram (aww thanks!!!!), you may have seen me posting a “52 week 2016 memories” illustration every so often. it all started late 2015, when a friend had asked me to create an illustrated calendar that she would later be able to keep around the house to display. so i decided to start this 52 week project where i would illustrate a memorable moment of each week; selecting my favorite of that month to put into the calendar. for october, november, and december, i selected my favorites from 2015!
インスタグラムでフォローしてくださっている方(thank you★)はご覧いただいているかもしれませんが、この1年間、『2016年52週間の思い出』を載せてきました。これは、2015年後半に友人にお願いされ、イラストカレンダーをデザインして欲しいと言われました。それも、カレンダーとして使用後、インテリアとしてディスプレイできるものが良いと。そこで『2016年の思い出』プロジェクトを考え、毎週思い出になった光景を描き、その月の一番気に入ったイラストを選出してカレンダーにしました。10月〜12月は2015年の思い出を使用しました。

since the calendar is made for use in japan, it only reflects japanese national holidays. i’ve especially chosen illustrations that represent japanese holidays or traditions, or western holidays that japanese ♥. there are 13 cards total (one for each month, plus the cover), of which each month is double sided—calendar + illustration on one side, single illustration on the other. also included is a sturdy plastic frame stand that can be used vertically and horizontally.

if you need a holiday gift for friends or family, come stop by my shops to see the calendar! / 親戚や友人などのプレゼントにどうぞ!是非一度ショップを見てみてください♫

otherwise, it’s been a whirlwind autumn since getting these calendars printed, i haven’t been able to keep up with the 52 week illustrations, but i will definitely continue them once the holiday hustle and bustle allows me a breather!


H A P P Y  H O L I D A Y S *
 m i n o r i

my 2020 olympic emblem

for the 2020 tokyo summer olympics, the japan olympic committee decided to ask the general public for emblem designs. i have been exploring and expanding my artistic abilities this year and i decided to let this be another challenge on that path. unfortunately, i didn’t make the shortlist, but i feel i did my best work that i could at this moment. as for the next step, i plan to enter more contests in the near future.


my tokyo 2020 olympic games emblem design
i n s p i r a t i o n : ukiyoe, overcoming the tsunami (disasters), connecting with the world beyond the waters (borders)
イ ン ス ピ レ イ シ ョ ン : 浮世絵、災害からの復興、海(国境)を超える

my tokyo 2020 paralympic games emblem design
i n s p i r a t i o n : traditional japanese fireworks, rising above expectations, exceeding limits
イ ン ス ピ レ イ シ ョ ン : 伝統芸術の花火、期待を超える、自身を超える

2016 resolutions

happy new year! / あけましておめでとうございます!

today i want to talk about all the goals i have for this year. there are so many new projects i want to work on and unfinished projects i want to complete. i feel that listing them here will make me make them happen. i’ve been spending a lot of time planning and organizing my days carefully in order to have an allotted time for each project.

[mental resolutions]
// be less critical of others, and more critical of myself (constructively). in doing so, i hope to become a positive human being. / 他人を批判するより自分を建設的に批判する。そこから、ポジティブな人間になれるようにつなげていきたいです。

// be less wasteful of time, money, and objects. vivienne westwood says: “buy less. choose well. make it last. quality, not quantity.” / 時間、お金、物の無駄遣いを減らす。ヴィヴィアン・ウエストウッドが言った通り「買うことを減らす。上手に選ぶ。長く大事に使う。量より質。」

// overcome my fears and restraints of success. to step out of my comfort zone. / 成功と成功への道を怖がらない事。慣れない領域こそに一歩踏み入れないと、今の生活から抜け出せない。

[physical resolutions]
// last year i had some issues with my knee and i was told that it was an issue stemming from my bad posture. bad posture can lead to other pains throughout the body, so this year i’m going to concentrate on hopefully bettering this. / 去年は膝を痛めて、整形外科や整体に通って言われたのは、姿勢の悪さ。骨盤のバランスから身体の健康が成り立ちます。なので、今年は姿勢を正す!

[creative resolutions]

happy 2016!!
// draw more! illustrations, fashion design, and graffiti art. so many friends and family have supported me since they’ve known me. i’ve received these wonderful sketchbooks and drawing pads over the past few years, and this year i’d like to put them to use! / 描く描く描く!イラストやファッション画やグラフィティーアート。長年、家族や友人にサポートしてきてもらっていて、こういうスケッチブックやクロッキーブックをいただいて来ました。今年はそれをたくさん活用させて、自分の絵を磨きたいです。

// fill my visual life with more color. / 自身のビジュアルの世界をカラーで彩る。

some of these i’ve already started on (a 52 week illustration challenge and 2 week yoga challenge!). find me on instagram to follow my artistic adventure of 2016! @min0ribiy0ri / 何点かもう始めている物もあります(52週イラストチャレンジや2週間のヨガチャレンジ)。2016年のヴィジュアルワールドは、インスタグラムにて紹介していますので、よかったら是非ご覧ください。@min0ribiy0ri

tie ribbon

[d.i.y.] baby shower favors

last month, i hosted a dual baby shower for two of my expecting friends. both of them are due around the same time, and both are boys! i was limited with set up time and decorations, so i made a volumy tassel garland that’s easy to put up and instantly brightens up any party space. i didn’t have time to take many photos but here’s what the garlands looked like.



now onto the MAIN subject of this post. a simple and easy baby shower favor d.i.y.! i know i do a lot of “simple and easy”, but seriously not many of us have all the time in the world, and efficiency is key. as long as your heart goes into making these favors, your guests will truly appreciate the gesture!


LET’S START! / 始めよう!

what you need / 材料:
small paper gift bags / ギフト用紙袋
chocolates, candies, or other small wrapped snacks / 個別包装されたチョコレート、キャンディー、お菓子
washi tape / 和紙テープ
printed (or written) thank you message / 手描き、もしくは印刷されたサンキューメッセージ
scissors / ハサミ
ribbon / リボン

1. print and/or handwrite/draw a thank you message to match the width of gift bag. / 印刷もしくは手書き/描きのサンキューメッセージタグを作る。幅はギフトバッグに合わせて。

cut out
2. cut out thank you message tag. i left some white space at the bottom where the tape will go, but this is optional. for some extra fun details, cut top edges in a curved, scalloped, or zig-zag pattern! /

tape bag closed
3. fill gift bag with candies and snacks and tape closed. / ギフトバッグにお菓子を詰めて、テープで閉じる。

add tape to tag
4. tape washi-tape to the bottom edge of tag. make sure to leave about 1/3 inch of the tape from the bottom edge of the tag to attach to the gift bag. / メッセージタグの下端に和紙テープを貼る。ギフトバッグに貼り付ける分量を半分残す。

tape tag to bag
5. tape tag to gift bag. let the detailed top edge stick above the gift bag. / メッセージタグをギフトバッグに貼り付ける。先ほど不規則に切った上端は、紙袋の上から出るように配置してね♥

tie ribbon
6. finish with a ribbon! / 最後にリボンを結ぶ!

FINISHED! / 出来上がり!