happy new year

happy 2018!

2017 did me well. it was a rough year, but a much needed time to realize what i am capable of and what is pushing it.

now it’s 2018 and i am ready to take on all the artwork my mind can produce! simply put, my resolution is to J U S T  C R E A T E.

what are your goals for the coming year?

whatever they are, follow your heart, your soul, and believe in yourself, trust your instincts. may you all have a fulfilling year for both body and mind.

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R ! !

p.s. the main photo of this post is of my nengajou for this year! all lettering and graphics by me. (still practicing chalkboard lettering in 2nd photo!)

2016 resolutions

happy new year! / あけましておめでとうございます!

today i want to talk about all the goals i have for this year. there are so many new projects i want to work on and unfinished projects i want to complete. i feel that listing them here will make me make them happen. i’ve been spending a lot of time planning and organizing my days carefully in order to have an allotted time for each project.

[mental resolutions]
// be less critical of others, and more critical of myself (constructively). in doing so, i hope to become a positive human being. / 他人を批判するより自分を建設的に批判する。そこから、ポジティブな人間になれるようにつなげていきたいです。

// be less wasteful of time, money, and objects. vivienne westwood says: “buy less. choose well. make it last. quality, not quantity.” / 時間、お金、物の無駄遣いを減らす。ヴィヴィアン・ウエストウッドが言った通り「買うことを減らす。上手に選ぶ。長く大事に使う。量より質。」

// overcome my fears and restraints of success. to step out of my comfort zone. / 成功と成功への道を怖がらない事。慣れない領域こそに一歩踏み入れないと、今の生活から抜け出せない。

[physical resolutions]
// last year i had some issues with my knee and i was told that it was an issue stemming from my bad posture. bad posture can lead to other pains throughout the body, so this year i’m going to concentrate on hopefully bettering this. / 去年は膝を痛めて、整形外科や整体に通って言われたのは、姿勢の悪さ。骨盤のバランスから身体の健康が成り立ちます。なので、今年は姿勢を正す!

[creative resolutions]

happy 2016!!
// draw more! illustrations, fashion design, and graffiti art. so many friends and family have supported me since they’ve known me. i’ve received these wonderful sketchbooks and drawing pads over the past few years, and this year i’d like to put them to use! / 描く描く描く!イラストやファッション画やグラフィティーアート。長年、家族や友人にサポートしてきてもらっていて、こういうスケッチブックやクロッキーブックをいただいて来ました。今年はそれをたくさん活用させて、自分の絵を磨きたいです。

// fill my visual life with more color. / 自身のビジュアルの世界をカラーで彩る。

some of these i’ve already started on (a 52 week illustration challenge and 2 week yoga challenge!). find me on instagram to follow my artistic adventure of 2016! @min0ribiy0ri / 何点かもう始めている物もあります(52週イラストチャレンジや2週間のヨガチャレンジ)。2016年のヴィジュアルワールドは、インスタグラムにて紹介していますので、よかったら是非ご覧ください。@min0ribiy0ri