my 2020 olympic emblem

for the 2020 tokyo summer olympics, the japan olympic committee decided to ask the general public for emblem designs. i have been exploring and expanding my artistic abilities this year and i decided to let this be another challenge on that path. unfortunately, i didn’t make the shortlist, but i feel i did my best work that i could at this moment. as for the next step, i plan to enter more contests in the near future.


my tokyo 2020 olympic games emblem design
i n s p i r a t i o n : ukiyoe, overcoming the tsunami (disasters), connecting with the world beyond the waters (borders)
イ ン ス ピ レ イ シ ョ ン : 浮世絵、災害からの復興、海(国境)を超える

my tokyo 2020 paralympic games emblem design
i n s p i r a t i o n : traditional japanese fireworks, rising above expectations, exceeding limits
イ ン ス ピ レ イ シ ョ ン : 伝統芸術の花火、期待を超える、自身を超える