hi! my name is…

hi! my name is minori.  a japanese girl born and raised in the united states and who found herself in her motherland, japan, 17 years later.

fast forward 10 + years and i am a visual creator.  i love graphic design, making clothing and paper crafts.  i’ve worked as an assistant in and out of the fashion industry, but i’m a creator rather than a stylist or an editor.  you may find me introducing cute fashion items or products, but more than anything you’ll probably find me talking about my obsession with [eye-candy].

oh and some people are annoyed with the all-lower-case…. i’m sorry, i love it.  so at least for this time being, please bear with me because typography is another factor of graphics that i adore.

初めまして。とはいえ、このブログに登録してから既に2年ほど経っています。なので、改めて、「初めまして」です。m i n o r i です。

いちいち m i n o r i をローマ字にする理由はあります。変な日本語になる事もあります。。血は純日本人ですが、国籍、生まれ育ちはアメリカの2世になります。17歳で日本に留学して、10+年経ち、現在に至ります。