[d.i.y.] thank you favors

thank you favors are a must for weddings, bridal showers, and baby showers. a small but sweet appreciation gift for your guests who took their time to come out and celebrate with you. there are many ways to wrap your gifts. i would like to share a simple and slightly different way of tying that finishing touch!


LET’S START! / 始めよう!

what you need / 材料:
gift bag(plastic or paper) / ギフトバッグ(プラスチック/紙どちらでも)
1 twist tie / ワイヤータイ
scissors / ハサミ
ribbon (7mm width / 76cm long) / リボン(7mm幅/長さ76cm)
gift tag (optional) / ギフトタグ(お好みで)

favors process 1
1. after filling the gift bag, fold bag vertically in an accordion fold. see next photo for folding details.

accordion fold
tuck the edge of the bag between the “v” of your thumb and pointer finger. use your folded thumb to create the first fold, and fold the bag over with your middle finger. release your thumb to join the first fold with the first edge. create the next fold.

favors process 2
2. use the twist tie to temporarily close the gift bag.

favors process 3
3. using the ribbon, make a 39 cm band. if using a gift tag, string it through here.

favors process 4
4. pull ribbon over gift bag. bring the bow and gift tag to the front.

favors process 4-2
twist the ribbon once to create a cross. this step keeps the ribbon from falling off.

favors process 4-3
pull the ribbon over the front bow and/or tag.

favors process 5
5. fold and hold the accordion folds once again. creasing isn’t necessary.

favors process 6
6. create a scalloped edge. side view: cut the folds altogether in a semi-circle. see next photo.

favors process 6-2
favors process 6-3
remove twist tie & FINISHED! / ワイヤータイを外して、出来上がり!

favors back
back view / 後ろ

favors complete

with this you have a handmade, heartfelt “thank you”.
これで手作りの「thank you」の気持ちをお贈りください。

*** other useful tips / その他の注意点

– the twist tie isn’t necessarily needed, but it helps to have in the process.

– depending on the contents of the bag, the length needed of ribbon will vary. start with a longer length of ribbon and at the end of step 4, pull the bow forward and re-tie the bow.

– after removing the twist tie, it will be a loose closure. this adds to the overall soft finish.