mr. banana leaf and co.

my do the days go by quickly! this week for the #tbt #fbf post, i wanted to continue with mr. banana leaf and talk a little more about western and japanese weddings.

あっという間にもう金曜日!時が経つのがすごく早く感じる日々です。今週の #tbt #fbf ブログは、先週に続けてバナナリーフくんウェディングをご紹介します。また、欧米と日本の結婚式についてお話します。

in western weddings, a typical wedding day would proceed something like the following:
● wedding ceremony
● cocktail time
● reception
● dancing
and in most cases guests attend throughout the day.

● 結婚式
● カクテルタイム
● 披露宴
● ダンスタイム

in japan, the wedding day is very similar except “dancing” is turned into a completely separate event called the nijikai (the after party) and many times is at a different venue. another exception is that it is common for the bride and groom to invite only family and/or very close friends to the ceremony and reception. friends and work acquaintances would be invited to the nijikai. why the separate guest list?:

in japan, it is customary for a wedding guest to bring a monetary gift of 30,000 yen (if $1.00=100 yen, 30,00 yen would be $300). the reason being, even numbers (i.e. 20,000 yen) are considered bad luck since you can “split” the couple in half, not to mention the number 4 is bad luck as it can be pronounced the same way as “death”. of course one may think, “30,000 yen is an even number”, but in japanese 10,000 is 1 man (rhymes with fawn), so 1 man, 2 man, 3 man. if you are family or a work superior the next level up would be to give 5 man. for a nijikai, many times they ask for an entrance fee in the place of a monetary gift. there are many reasons as to how and why a couple separate their guest list, but one big factor could be so as not to burden friends and acquaintances with having to provide so much money.

photo provided by the bride

that said, for the mr. banana leaf wedding, they decided to incorporate mr. banana leaf’s friends into the nijikai pamphlet. the inside of the pamphlet opens up into a color coded “map”. the guests were handed different colored ribbons according to how they know the bride and/or groom (friend, work, college etc.) and each color (and a different mr. banana leaf friend in each circle) on the “map” explains its corresponding ribbon color.



mr. banana leaf thank you stickers for gift bags