[d.i.y.] more about garlands

one more blog about flag garlands.

there are so many different styles of flag garlands. my last d.i.y. was about the type that the flags don’t move. for parties and garlands that have letters on them, i like flags that are moveable. it’s easier to adjust the space between the letters when decorating! here are two types that i’ve made before.


フラグガーランドは色々な種類がありますよね。前回の d.i.y. は和紙テープで固定されたタイプを説明しました。個人的には、紐を通して動かせるタイプが好きなんです。特にパーティーや文字付きのガーランドの場合、フラグの間隔を調節して飾れるのが便利です!以前に作ったタイプ2種類を紹介します。

two hole punch garland

1. the easy peasy two hole punch type. / 超簡単穴あけパンチタイプ。

when making your garland, just make sure to leave space for the holes! you can punch the holes before cutting out the triangular shape (or just use rectangular flags).

hidden string garland

2. the hidden string type. / 紐隠しタイプ。

see below for photos. all you need are scissors, tape, and straws. cut the straw to the top width of the flag and tape! i don’t recommend glue as plastic straws can fall off easily. just string the flags and voila!

process 1
process 2
process 3