[d.i.y.] super easy necklace and earring holder

in addition to the ring & earring holder d.i.y. i posted earlier yesterday, i did this super easy three-step necklace & hook earring holder. this one is easily modifiable (i.e. adding a decorative frame, hanging on the wall or setting on the dresser) and worth every second to make it. check it out!


LET’S START! / 始めよう!

what you need / 材料:
cork board / コルクボード
fabric / 生地
ruler / 定規
scissors / ハサミ
glue gun / グルーガン
tacks / 画鋲

[optional / お好みで]
cardstock for stencil / ステンシル用の画用紙
compass / コンパス
fabric spray paint (i used Somay-Q in silver) / 生地用スプレーカラー染めQ エアゾール ギンギラ銀

1. place cork board (the top one is MUJI’s M size for earrings and the bottom is the L size for necklaces) on fabric and cut about 1.5 inch/3~4cm around the board as seam allowance. fold and glue edges to the back side using a glue gun. (OPTIONAL: i cut/ripped a separate fabric slightly smaller than the cork board and glued it to cover the edges of the first fabric. i decided to leave them frayed since the glue would prevent further fraying.)

2. [this step is optional!] make stencil and spray. i cut out a random circle pattern. / [柄を加えるステップです。必要なければ次へ!] 染めQなどスプレーカラー用のステンシルを作り、スプレーする。こちらはサークル柄にしてみました。

3. after drying the spray for at least 24 hours, use tacks (i used MUJI’s) to hang hook/hoop earrings and necklaces. / 24時間ほど乾燥させてから画鋲(こちらも無印良品)を指し、ネックレスやピアスをかける。

FINISHED! / 出来上がり!