here are more photos from my first day at fira. it was so exciting to finally see those white walled buildings in person. against these white walls, are the aegean blue, pops of primary colors, and the vibrant bougainvilleas. touristy or not, santorini really does have its own unique aesthetic. i will let the photos do the talking.

初日のフィラで撮った写真をまとめました。サントリーニ名物の白い建物がやっと見られて、ウキウキしました!天候も完璧で、白に映える『aegean blue』(エーゲ海色の青)の屋根、街中で見かける原色のアクセント、そしてブーゲンビレアの鮮やかなマゼンタ色。観光地とは言え、サントリーニらしさが魅力的でした。

this is the little hike i did at imerovigli (half way from fira to oia) to “skaros rock”. skaros rock was a fortress against pirates in the middle ages. read here, to find out more!


the view of imerovigli from skaros rock

walking back from imerovigli to fira