bus transportation on thira, santorini

there are multiple forms of transportation on thira island: walk, bus, taxi, rental car, and atv. i chose to walk and use the bus. the bus system might be confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not so difficult. just remember, if you’re not staying in fira, you need to first take a bus to fira, which is the central bus hub of thira island.


i stayed in kamari, which means i needed to take the bus to fira in order to go to perissa, perivolos, akrotiri, the airport, etc. from fira, imerovigli and oia are great walks, so no bus was needed. if you’re up for using your own legs, there were other visitors in my hotel that actually walked all the way to fira.


at the bus station in kamari was this time table:

the first column means, from fira the bus to kamari leaves at __:__. the second column means, from kamari to fira, the bus leaves at __:__. i believe the 12:55 bus never came, and i always had to wait for the next one. so a good point (like possibly any other bus in any country) to remember is, don’t expect the bus to be on time. have a book to read or something to kill time! the other columns were irrelevant to me, but maybe the locals make use of that information.


. . . . .

below are the time tables at fira. lots of tourists are walking around, wondering which bus is theirs. just ask the girls at the window and they’ll tell you which number bus to get on or will be arriving. the bus conductor will yell out the destination and final boarding call, so keep your ears open, or just ask.

下の写真は、フィラのバスターミナルにある時刻表。戻りのバスが遅れることもあるので、分からない場合は、窓口のお姉さんたちに聞いちゃった方が早いかもしれません。あまり整備されているような所ではなく、バスを逃してしまうと次のバスまでしばらく時間が空くので、観光客がなんとなく目的地行きのバス周りを徘徊している感じです 笑。出発前に車掌さんが行き先を大声で呼ぶので、聞き逃さないように!心配であれば、やはり窓口のお姉さんにその都度、バスの番号を聞いてそのバスの前で待つのが安心かもしれません。バスが遅れて知らないうちにバスが来ていて、出発してしまうかもしれませんので、乗るまで油断できないです。

once on the bus, the bus conductor will come down the aisle and you pay for the ticket then. hold on to the ticket until your destination, as they may ask to see it.


*one thing to be careful of is the last bus. especially if you’re watching the sunset in oia. you need to get from oia to fira, then catch the bus to your final destination. in my case, had i seen the sunset in oia, i wouldn’t have made the last bus to kamari in time. that added to my deciding to see the sunset in fira instead.

*注意点: 最終バスの時間をあらかじめ把握しておいた方が良いです。特にイアで夕陽を見る場合、歩いている時間がないので、イア→フィラ、フィラ→目的地となります。フィラからの最終バスが日が沈む前の可能性が高いので、帰りの移動手段もある程度考えてあると安心です。私も最終日にイアからではなく、フィラから夕陽を見たのもそれが一つの理由でした。ツアーの場合はサンセットを含むツアーであれば、ツアーバスで帰られるので大丈夫です。