kamari city is where acropole sunrise (my hotel) was located. it is probably most known for the black “sand” (more like pebble) beach. there is walkable access to the ancient thera ruins if you are willing to hike; if not, there is a bus that goes there (the bus stop is near the beach). it is a quaint city, with a bus that leads to fira which is the main bus hub to go to all the tourist spots on thira island. since i went in the very beginning of the season, it was too chilly for the beach and many of the beach side hotels were closed. in peak season i can imagine it must be very lively. many locals live in this town with an elementary school, two supermarkets, a bakery, a souvlaki stand, and some restaurants scattered about, it is a very comfortable city to stay.


in 1957 there was a big earthquake in santorini. petros’ (acropole sunrise’s owner) father’s house included, the original town of kamari was destroyed. it happened at 10:00-11:00 am, so most people were out of their homes and in the fields. unfortunately, many mothers with little babies that had been staying inside had passed away. the current town of kamari is the new one.


there’s something significant about getting to hear first-hand, the stories of a precious island so rich in history (geologically and religiously/archaeologically). this current thira is relatively new, a work in progress, living amongst ruins, constant work to create more and more hotels. however, the truth is that they live in a dormant volcanic area (not due to erupt anytime soon–probably not in this lifetime), but the last eruption wasn’t too long ago and earthquakes happen. it’s a recently modernized island–wifi is still new and electricity comes by way of underwater pipeline. it will be interesting to see how it changes in the near future.


. . . . .

– P I C T U R E S Q U E  H O T E L S –
– 絵 に な る ホ テ ル –

– K A M A R I  B E A C H –
– カ マ リ ビ ー チ –




– L O C A L  L I F E –
– ロ ー カ ル ラ イ フ –

the supermarket (this one was slightly cheaper than the one near the beach). i bought greek olive oil, soap, and honey for souvenirs here!
スーパー (ビーチ近くのスーパーより全体的に金額が安かったです)。ここでお土産用のギリシャ産オリーブオイルやオリーブオイル石鹸、ハチミツなど購入しました。

– M O N A S T E R I E S –
– 修 道 院 –

– H O U S E S –
– 民 家 –

– D O N K E Y  S T A B L E S –
– ロ バ 小 屋 –

i saw these on the first day, rows of white long houses across the street from the slovakis/gyros stand. being a fanatic of color, the rainbow colored windows caught my eye. i asked petros and apparently they’re donkey stables. the local donkey parking lot! until just 30-40 years ago, each household owned a donkey. back then, not many people owned cars. now there are many small hatchbacks or mopeds driving around (much smaller in comparison to the massive american SUV’s or even the compact sedans and kei-cars of tokyo).


– W H I T E  T R E E S –
– 白 く 塗 ら れ た 木 々 –

i’m so curious as to what the white paint is for!

– T H E  S O U V L A K I  S T A N D –
– ス ブ ラ キ ・ ス タ ン ド –

i was here practically every day! for lunch on the days in and for dinner after all the hiking and touring. the chairs matched the color of the donkey stable windows! i see a lot of these primary colors around santorini, like the flower pots i saw in fira.


– C I N E M A –
– 映 画 館 –

on the third day, i decided to go see the fate of the furious (international movies in japan show much later, so i figured why not see it early?) at the cinema in kamari. kamari has a famous drive-inn theater, but it was much too cold for that. unfortunately, since the subtitles were in greek, i had no idea what was being spoken in the foreign language scenes…