tulle veiled wedding programs

#tbt #fbf past wedding item post time! this week i bring to you, tulle veiled wedding programs. in continuance with the black and white series, this is one of the day-of paper items. one of the easiest to make, but sweetest programs. if you’re doing a d.i.y. wedding, and are in that last minute wedding crunch, i recommend these! i’ll post a d.i.y. of this soon.

#tbt #fbf の過去のウェディングアイテムをご紹介デーです!今週は、チュールベールのウェディングプログラム。この2週間ご紹介してきましたモノクロシリーズの当日のアイテムになります。d.i.y.ウェディングを考えられている方にオススメな簡単だけどスウィートな式次第です。特に、結婚式の準備でラストスパート中に時間が限られているのであれば、是非作ってみてください!近々 d.i.y.版をアップいたします。


a lot of the wedding items i make are printed professionally, which needs to be planned ahead of time. sometimes, if i’m overseas helping with friends’ or family’s weddings, i don’t always have this time or the resources. i used a spreadsheet application to type and print out the text. instead of using a normal computer paper, i used printable japanese washi (traditional japanese paper in which fibers stay in tact and are visible on the surface) paper. as this program is bound by ribbon, any amount of pages can be added.