nature & geology of santorini

if i hadn’t decided on the creative industry, other occupations i had considered in the past were astronomy, geology, and archaeology. that was even before this trip. after having seen the nature and geology in santorini, though, my interest and appreciation for those sciences have deepened. in this post, i’ve collected all the extra photos of plants and rock that i captured during my stay. click on the titles to see the corresponding post on this location.


– F I R A –
– フ ィ ラ –

olive trees / オリーブの木

– K A M A R I  B E A C H –
– カ マ リ ビ ー チ –

is it just me or does this look like a turtle head?

this color! / この色♡

“black pebble beach” / 『黒い小岩の海』

– K A M A R I  C I T Y –
– カ マ リ –

are these mimosa trees? / ミモサの木?

olive tree / オリーブの木

– N E A  K A M E N I  V O L C A N O –
– ネ ア カ メ ニ 火 山 島 –

the volcanic rock in santorini has a higher silica content than that of for example, hawaii, known for the fluid lava. this means that the rock here is much harder and less malleable.

– T H I R A S S I A –
– テ ィ ラ シ ア 島 –

(the island we stopped at after nea kameni on the volcano tour

i love figs. i never realized these trees bear figs, and we have them in tokyo too! now i’m reminded of santorini whenever i see them here.

– P E R I S S A  M O U N T A I N –
– ペ リ ッ サ の 山 –

these bushes HURT. it’s just a big mash of thorns.

– A N C I E N T  T H E R A  R U I N S –
– 古 代 テ ィ ラ の 遺 跡 –